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Lesson 10: Essence of Life - Conclusion

Michelle Crider, MA, RYT500 Concludes the Essence of Life and Offers Parting Words of Encouragement

Thank you for being here! I hope that, as a result of this course, you have found…

  • new ways to cultivate self-awareness

  • a connection with your intuition

  • awareness of your breath and body, and…

You have understood our idea that the Essence of our Breath forms the Essence of our Life.

We encourage you to find ways to operate from a place of knowing what is right for yourself, your children, your families, your work, all you strive to do… in any given moment.

As I mentioned in the beginning…developing self awareness and cultivating your connection to the divine within takes practice. Allow yourself to choose peace over anxiety, practice over defeat. Choose a new beginning, again and again…

To move forward… move towards…

  • Seeing

  • Feeling

  • Sensing

  • Thinking

  • Dreaming

  • Achieving

  • Being

As the elements within and outside you help guide the way…

  • (EARTH) See a stone or pinecone…pick it up, hold it lightly…consider…

  • (FIRE) Light a candle or fire for s’mores…remember what lights you from within…go in that direction today, tomorrow…now

  • (WATER) Walk at a river or in the sea…bathe morning or night…allow the water to cleanse the soul, nourish what needs nourished

  • (AIR) Pray…pray…pray…float your needs, desires, hopes and dreams up above, to that which breathes life into being…to that which dreamt you into being…to that which IS…

  • (ETHEREAL) Spirit, Divine, Light…YOU!

Value Mothering your Self

Mothering with awareness

Mothering with breath

Each day, each moment take the choice to Mother yourself into a state of Divine peace, comfort, joy, action, momentum, desire

In order to pursue life, to care for others, to light the world, the Mothering of Self is first, and it is critical

Harness your Mother energy, in all elements, to cultivate self awareness for the betterment of your soul, family, life endeavors, the Earth…

Thank you! Peace! Love!

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Essence of Breath Essence of Life
Essence of Breath Essence of Life