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Lesson 5: Essence of Life - Earth

Experience the Earth Element with Michelle Crider, MA, RYT 500

Gentle Guided Meditation

Let’s consider the element of Earth. To begin, a guided practice…Prep…SETTLE IN, SOFTEN/CLOSE EYES…ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE…

Breathing gently, calmly, fully…

Find your root, your seat, your connection to the ground beneath you
Perhaps it’s your bottom, your back, your feet

Allow yourself to go into this knowing

What do you know (what can you observe) about your root? Where do you sense it is, now, in this moment?

What do you know  (what can you observe) about the place where you are secure against the ground?

What do you know when you mentally observe where your physical body is connected to the Earth below you?

The invitation is…

To observe the connection where your physical body meets the physical Earth…all while you breathe

Perhaps you allow your hands to rest in your lap, on the thighs of your legs, at your heart center, on your belly, or softly by your sides.

What do you feel, through your hands?
What do you feel at your heart center?
What do you feel as you Inhale and Exhale?
What do you feel at the root of your body? At the root of your connection to the Earth?

Imagine being born into this world…

Imagine the most blissful event to ever take place on Earth…

Your birth

Your movement from Spirit, your “essence” form, into your physical form, your body

Your development into a miniature Cosmos, an Earth in Spirit form

The stars twinkling, the moon shining, smiling in delight, the mossy/sandy/evening lit earth expanding to receive you here, in this divine moment…

This knowing / intuition/ Mothering Energy, this Earth energy is you, rests within you, is felt through feet firmly planted on the ground, legs solidly standing, spine swaying gently, boldly, expansive…heart loving sweetly, ferociously…eyes envisioning all that is to come when you make the choice to charge forward in physical form, energized by the Mother of all Spirits…when connected to the root, the one and only, singular root of all that has been, all that is, and all that will ever be…

Essence of Earth :: Her Sentinels

Let’s continue the exploration of Intuition / Mother Energy through the element of Earth

When thinking about the earth and serving, in some capacity, as a regal queen mother of your inner and outer realms / kingdom / the environment in which you find yourself at any given moment…How do you…

Mother yourself
Mother your children
Mother the world that surrounds you
Next…consider mother earth
This, mother, queen energy
The queen sits, serenely, sovereignly in her castle
Guards over her kingdom
Listens intently
Reflects quietly
grants requests
serves others
An important role dating back to our most ancient ancestors, since the dawn of time.

But who protects her
Who allows her to serve in her mightiest capacity
Who guards her, physically, emotionally, spiritually…
When I visualize this mother, in her domain
The word “sentential” comes to mind…
We can turn to the Essential Oils, turn to two evergreens
Ever present, ever green
Helping us connect to our root, helping us be that connected ever loving, ever giving mother

In your exploration…feel free to choose the oils that allow you to root into the earth as you experience it, as you know it

Choose the essence(s) that will serve you well

Essence(s) to serve as your guards

Which essence(s) will come with you on your energy journey?

~  Siberian Fir
~  Black Spruce

These may be in your arsenal, they may serve as your sentinels

What comes to you

What do you know

Connecting to your regal mother energy

Earth :: Journaling Prompts

What does connection or being connected mean to you? Think of one thing that allows you to feel connected. What does connected feel like, physically, emotionally, sensationally? Think of Mother Earth…how does she call you to connect? What activity can you easily do today that will allow you to feel that sensation of connection to Mother Earth energy?

Think back to a time when you needed protection. What were the circumstances around this event or period of time? How old were you? Where were you and what were you doing? Who else was there? Did you receive what you needed? How would you describe the Mother energy you received – or – needed in order to feel protected? Perhaps you’d like to free write about this event, your needs during this time in your life, how you would have acted if you were your own mother under this circumstance and how you would have cared for yourself?

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