Lesson 8 - Essence of Life - Water

Experience the Cleansing Benefits of Water as Michelle Crider, MA, RYT500 Offers You Guidance through this Healing Element

Gentle Guided Meditation

Let’s consider the element of Water. To begin, a guided practice…Prep… SETTLE IN, SOFTEN/CLOSE EYES…ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE…

We begin as spirit, floating within the womb of life

We begin as body, breathing outside the flow of mother

Breathing slowly, gently

Inhale / Exhale

Allowing flow to become you, sustain you

Allowing the in-breath to flow slowly, cooly into the nose

Allowing the out-breath to flow slowly, warmly out of the nose

Noticing the rhythm, the flow of breath

Breathing slowly, gently

Inhale / Exhale

Reflection on water, the face of the divine

Reflection on river, streaming forward, bending upon tree and rock, so free

Reflection on sea, an ebb and flow, ebb and flow, ebb and flow

Breathing slowly, gently

Inhale / Exhale


Cleansing the mind, with each cycle of breath…in and out, in and out, in and out

Cleansing the body, with each cycle of breath…in and out, in and out, in and out

Cleansing the spirit, with each cycle of breath…in and out, in and out, in and out

Cleansing the world, with each cycle of breath…in and out, in and out, in and out

Breath is pure

Breath is guidance

Breath is intuition

Breath flows in and out as the inner waters know and know and know

Breathing slowly, gently

Inhale / Exhale


Carving a path in the earth for us to move slowly, intently

One foot placed carefully in front of the other…

One breath serenely carrying us, wave upon wave upon wave…

Swimming forever in the currents of love, peace, desire, divine…divine…divine…

Water Element - Her Creations


~  Clary Sage

~  Rose

Clary Sage, to me, is like a Dreamweaver, charming, flowing, with hints of magic. Each breath with Clary Sage allows the feeling of intuition to flow, as water runs through streams into oceans, making the experience of the here and now limitless, boundless, magically intuitive. 

Inhale deeply the essence of clary sage and instantly transform into the High Priestess, ever-knowing what is present in mind and heart.

Rose, planted, rooted to the earth… Each morning, renewed, refreshed…dear rose awakening with dew drops on petals. The freshest, most regal of flowers, magically endearing. Breathing in the purest, highest vibration, allowing the Self to transfix on the flow of energy from the goddess, divine…Rose…

Inhale deeply the essence of Rose and know, you are mother, queen of hearts, master of emotion.

Water, the element
Allows our creations to be birthed into the world. 
Water, as Essence
Is essential for life 
Water, held in a vessel
Is nourishment for those who thirst


Waves of ocean
Seas of change
Flowing movement
Time surrenders
Always in motion

Mothers devotion
Love and affection
Eyes see promise
Voice shares truth
Arms soothe commotion

Water - Journaling Prompts

How do you know something…like, really know something…When was the last time you had a “gut” feeling? That something felt really right…or really wrong? Write it down, allowing sensation to return to you…remembering what your heart felt like, what your hands arms legs and feet felt like…what you felt in your tummy, your back, your head…

What is it like to feel graceful? To feel like you are flowing in a positive direction? What activities are you doing when you find yourself in your purest, most natural state? When all seems to “flow” in the right direction…no resistance felt…synchronicity…serendipity…what do these words mean to you, how do they feel? This is your natural state…when your body mind and spirit feel in flow with the positive currents of the universe…Write all the sensations down…here is where you learn to embody the essence of YOU! Leaving the watery womb to allow yourself to be born again, over and over and over again each morning…each moment of your choosing…

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