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Lesson 9: Essence of Life - Ethereal

Michelle Crider, MA, RYT 500 Offers and Exploration of the Essence of Spirit

Gentle Guided Meditation


Allowing the (divine) Self to meet the (human) self

Allowing the breath to move the Spirit within

Allowing the breath to connect to the Divine

Allowing, allowing, allowing

Settling in to the sensation of Spirit

Through breath

Inhale / Exhale

To know, to know, to know

Sensing the mists of time…the essence that is Spirit

Through breath

Inhale / Exhale

Guiding the mind to release tension

Guiding the body to release tension

Guiding the Spirit to release all that it is not, and claim all that it wants to be

Through breath, I know…I know…I know

I meet my (human) self as (divine) Self, spirit, essence

Divinely placing one foot in front of the other, on sand, on earthy forest pine and moss…divinely placing hands on heart…knowing, knowing, knowing

Connecting to ancestors

Bygone bloodlines

Remembered in body

Pondered in thought

Realized, in pure, delighted form…we radiate all the goodness, strength, and wisdom of our grandmothers

Touching the mists of time…the essence that is Spirit

Through breath

Inhale / Exhale

I am…I am…I am…

Ethereal Essence - Her Spirit

Here we consider the King and Queen of Essence…Yin and Yang…The two halves of our selves that create the Whole…essence of life…without one, the other does not exist…Moon and Sun…birth and rebirth…day and night…inhale and exhale…

~  Frankincense

~  Vanilla

Frankincense…an essential essence for expansion, connection, healing of wounds…physical, ancestral, mental, emotional…one deep inhale with this glorious essence transports…

Sweetness of life
Sweetness of soul
Spirit surrounds us
Connection our goal

Drop of Frankincense
Drop of Vanilla bean
Mother’s lips
Taste Divine sweetness
Before serving it to others
Before we’re ever seen

Just perfect, full of life
Peaceful lust for joys everlasting

Spirit of Mother
Carry us now
On the Ethereal plane
Flights of whim and fancy
Meeting ancestors far and wide
Mother Ethereal is the One
She, giving breath into core
She, giving breath into lungs
She, giving us life, after life, after life, afterlife

Spirit of Mother
Soaring on wings
Fading angels
Moving in and around
Only necessities now, be them
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Mother Ethereal, I am
In Spirit. In Being. In Doing.
I am

Anoint us now, Sweet Mother
Gracing us with love
Knowing ever after
Spirit soaring dove

Inhale…I am

Ethereal Journaling Prompts

When was the last time you allowed yourself to soar? To merge with what you felt so strongly… a strong eye lock with a loved one…a focus so intently, directed through the eyes of another…connecting you intently to one another, to the divine essence of that other / that person / soul? Write about it here…and if you can’t recall a time…take a few moments and imagine staring directly into the face of someone and sense what this “other” feels like to you…the connection to their spirit…how their spirit feels with and around and connected to you…

What does freedom mean to you? When do you feel most free? What is it you need to free yourself form at this period in your life? Free write for as long as it feels right…Until what is written on the page sets you free, invigorates you, connects you to your spirit / essence…

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Essence of Breath Essence of Life
Essence of Breath Essence of Life