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Lesson 3: Essence of Life - Welcome & Introduction

Michelle Crider, MA, RYT500 Welcomes you to the second part of the course where you will experience the elements through meditation, essences, and journaling


Welcome to the course…Essence of Breath Essence of Life – where Dee took you through your Essence of Breath, I’ll guide you through your Essence of Life

I am Michelle Crider and I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and earned my RYT200 and RYT300 Yoga Teacher certifications in Asheville, NC with Kaoverii Weber, founder of Subtle Yoga. To learn more about me, visit the About tab above.

Why yoga?

It changed my life in a great number of ways. I hope to share some of these with you here through this course and our supplemental teachings!

Yoga is a program, system, foundation for living, way of connecting – uniting – to the self and others…

Yoga (and many years of psychoanalysis!) taught me how to experience and manage my anxiety…develop my creativity and self awareness…everything…being a mother… returning me to my spiritual roots…opening up to life…

It is so wonderful to have you here!

Overview of Essence of Life

In each of these lessons, we are going to explore the elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ethereal Essence – each of which can be found within ourselves

(WHY?) in order to cultivate self-awareness, connect to intuition, and begin to move into the idea that the Essence of our Breath forms the Essence of our Life

By becoming aware of our breath, our selves (our essence), we can operate from a place of knowing what is right for us, our children, our families, our work, and so on… in any given moment.

This takes practice, and that’s why we are here. To help you develop your own rituals, practices, needs, desires around self-care, awareness, mindfulness, and cultivation of peace.

Each lesson offers you elemental poetic guided meditations, supportive essential oil exercises, and journaling prompts.

Each with the goal of presenting you with a new way of sensing, considering, releasing, relaxing…and embodying your true essence, your true self.

Who, or What is the Essence of Life (Mother)?

  • Intuition

  • Inner knowing

  • Awareness of body mind spirit

  • Mother Energy

  • Intuition / Awareness / Essence / Mother Energy

How do we get there…access our Mother essence?

Yoga, as we have come to know it today, is movement and meditation – asana, the postures, and meditating

However….Yoga (is an entire system / program / foundation for life)

8 limbs of yoga… The first five we will focus on together here…

  • 1-2 Yamas / Niyamas

  • 3 Pranayama

  • 4 Movement

  • 5 Meditation (for me includes Prayer)

We will also work with…

  • Imagination, visualization, image (Tarot)

  • Scent (Essential Oils)

  • Breath…breath…breath – Pranayama, life force, spirit

Why…is this important?

To embody a grounded, aware, healthy, compassionate, connected, intuitive form…(fullness of body / mind)…embark on a spiritually guided path, to lean into ease and peace, as our creator would have us do, become… (fullness of spirit / essence)

To raise grounded, aware, healthy, compassionate, connected, intuitive children…For Jesus/God so loved the children, called the children pure…they shall save the world – be “childlike” – and you shall inherit the earth, the kingdom of heaven is yours…we can do this through the system “yoga” – no matter your spiritual or religious background…yoga is for ALL

How do I know it works? You need the “cold hard facts, research”

The research is there – breath, yoga, Jung and the collective unconscious, archetypes, Freud and the Electra / Oedipus Complexes…myth (Joseph Campbell)

Educate yourself – if you need the empirical data, we can point the way; but my focus here is on the esoteric, the intuitive knowing we are born with…for me, this internal, intuitive knowing (mother energy/essence) is enough…

Why? How? When you are aware enough, you can feel it. Things shift.

  • Embodied experience

  • Join us…

  • Learn…

  • Change your connection to yourself, your Self, your children and family

  • Change the world

Considerations as you move forward through these lessons…

  • What does sovereign mean to you?

  • What does essence mean to you?

  • Can you work with your imagination? Imagination can be as powerful as…actually doing “the thing”

We will spend the most time in and with the Earth element…The earth allows us to experience being grounded / centered / connected…sensations I believe we’ve lost touch with as humans living in the 21stcentury.

Without feeling a connection (to self /others/ something greater than us)…without the ability to ground ourselves (through breath awareness/practices…being in nature…allowing the experience of silence / meditation / prayer…we have trouble serving, remaining stable…we tend towards anxiety and sadness…

The lessons that follow are meant to offer tools to bring you back to your natural state of peace, joy, bliss…tools you can access anytime / anywhere…

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Essence of Breath Essence of Life
Essence of Breath Essence of Life