Lesson 4: Essence of Life - The Sovereign Mother, a poem

Inspiration for your journey through Michelle's portion of the course, Essence of Life

May 20, 2023

The Sovereign Mother

a poem by Michelle Crider, inspired by the Essence of Life, Intuition, Meditation, Prayer…

She is stable, strong, and soft
In mind, body, and heart

She is

She gives and receives
With the flow of cosmic love

She harnesses the wind and rain
She floats on salty sea
She walks with grounded roots
She soothes all hearts aflame

She is inspiring, inspired
She is the teacher and the student

A master and a novice
Both clear and firm of mind
With vision bathed in knowing
Mother, Prophet, Most Divine

Let’s begin…here…now.

The way all life begins…with breath.

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