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Lesson 6: Essence of Life - Air

Michelle Crider, MA, RYT500 Takes You through the Element of Air on Wings of a Dove, Prayer

Gentle Guided Meditation

Let’s consider the element of Air. To begin, a guided practice…Prep… SETTLE IN, SOFTEN/CLOSE EYES…ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE…

Inhale / Exhale



Inhale / Exhale


Inhale / Exhale

All Breath is Air

Through Air is Breath

Without Air, we shall all be lost

With Air, we thrive

Mother is here

Present in air

Present in prayer

Inhale / Exhale

Did you know, my dear

Mother is near

Mother is here

Mother sends her energy

Through Spirit, through prayer

The breath of life

Unfolding life before you

Inhaling and exhaling breath of life

Breathing life into your chest, your heart space

Expanding, ever-knowing life

Expanding, living, loving, fullness of Being

Inhale / Exhale

Allow the eternal, life-giving Air to fill you with each inhale

Allow the eternal, life-giving Air to fill the world with each exhale

Your in-breath creates in you a divinely instructed prayer

Your out-breath creates in the world an unfolding, ever-living prayer

This Mother energy, Air, she is with you always

Peace, peace, peace

On wings of the angel

Mother, dear Mother

A prayer for us
A prayer for our liberation
A prayer for our solitude
A prayer for our freedom
A prayer for expansion
A prayer for our protection
A prayer for our life, worth living

Grounded, in flight for happiness, joy, delight

Air Element - Her Prayers

Let’s continue our exploration of our Intuition, Mother Energy through the element of Air

~  Cypress

~  Eucalyptus

Imagine for a moment you just stepped into the most luxurious spa on Earth. How do you feel as you walk into this space? What do you smell? How deeply can you inhale?

There’s a significant chance this scent carries hints of eucalyptus. The great air passageway opener. Have a bottle or plant, take some gentle breaths here with the essence. Clear your airways. Breathe deeply. Smile. You are refreshed.

Cypress, a helper of circulation. Movement. Can you feel Dry brush? Drip this essence on the bristles and brush away pre-shower. Feel the air move over your skin as the old makes way for the new.

Each breath we breathe
Air upon knees
Fresh in nature
Prayers indeed

Air moves
Air expands
Air circulates
Air is life
There is no life where there is no air
There is no life where there is no Mother

Set your prayers to the sky
Breathe strongly into belly
Allowing full expansion of lungs, chest, heart
Mother Air…Energy uplifting

Prayers for peace
Prayers for our children
Prayers for healing
Prayers for truth
Prayers for a better day
Prayers for a restful sleep
Prayers for courage and bravery
Prayers for silence and subtle awareness
Prayers for protection
Prayers for belief
Prayers for compassion
Prayers for finding
Prayers for connection
Prayers for balance
Prayers for awareness 
Prayers for love
Prayers for breath

Air - Journaling Prompts

Consider the sky, the clouds. With eyes closed or softly opened, what clouds do you imagine up in the sky? What does the sky look like to you as you sit here quietly, imagining? Perhaps now you’d like to imagine the clouds are your thoughts. Softly formed, misty, moving. What do these thought clouds consist of? If dark, swiftly rushing through the sky, your mind, can you soften, loosen, let go? Can you sketch, paint, or write these clouds into formation, as they are in the beginning and as they are upon “letting go?” Try!

What is it that you need most in this moment? Write it down, nothing fancy or overdone, just a few simple words written. Pause, once you’ve made your note, allow your eyes to gaze softly at the words written. Can you form a prayer or a note you can send off out to the essence of Mother? Ask, let go, receive.


Other questions you may like to consider…

Where do you go when Mother fades?

What Mother can you call upon when life breaks?

What Mother do you need, did you need?

What Mother are you?

Who’s Mother are you?

What Mothering do you offer?

What is your Mothering strength?

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Essence of Breath Essence of Life
Essence of Breath Essence of Life